How to use energy system models to analyze paths to net zero emissions

220623 NZA Webinar - Sutubra
June 23, 2022

Cameron Wade, Principal of Sutubra Research

The path to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 in Atlantic Canada is both time- and resource-constrained.  Energy system models can be used in this context to compare climate change mitigation options and to strategically plan for meeting climate change goals through cost-effective and timely means.  To provide decision-making support, however, models must be robustly configured with appropriate data and assumptions and their results carefully tested, analyzed, and contextualized by the limitations of modelling exercises.  In this webinar, energy system modeller Cameron Wade of Sutubra Research will demonstrate how to construct thoughtful energy system scenarios using the ACES model, to interpret model results with care, and to determine how model insights can be applied to inform decision-making processes.