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Community Geothermal Resource: Capacity Assessment and Training Program (GeoCAT)

March 2022 – November 2024

Working together with our partners, Net Zero Atlantic will build project development capacity for mid-depth geothermal energy-based projects in Mi’kmaw and rural Nova Scotia communities.

This project has two parts:

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Phase III: Nova Scotia Geothermal Strategic Planning Proposal

March – May 2022

The Phase I and Phase II geothermal reports demonstrated that Nova Scotia needs to gather more subsurface data – in particular by drilling one or more exploration wells to further ‘de-risk’ the province’s mid-depth geothermal resources.  For these wells to be helpful, they must be located in

Clean Tech » Geothermal

Phase II: Direct Use of Geothermal Heat in Nova Scotia

August – December 2021


Clean Tech » Geothermal

Phase I: Assessment of Geothermal Resources in Onshore Nova Scotia

May – November 2020

The objective of this project is to: (i) provide a review of the general types of geothermal resources in Nova Scotia (excluding shallow resources utilized by ground-source heat pumps) with reference to key regional, national and global examples; (ii) provide a preliminary evaluation of the poten