Phase III: Nova Scotia Geothermal Strategic Planning Proposal

The Phase I and Phase II geothermal reports demonstrated that Nova Scotia needs to gather more subsurface data – in particular by drilling one or more exploration wells to further ‘de-risk’ the province’s mid-depth geothermal resources.  For these wells to be helpful, they must be located in geologically preferred settings and in commercially viable locations. Additional exploration work can be done to help site these future wells for success.

On behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables (NRR), OERA commissioned this forward-thinking strategic planning study by Borealis GeoPower Inc. to recommend specific activities that will support a successful drilling campaign.

To further disseminate the results of the three geothermal-related studies commissioned by NRR since 2020, Net Zero Atlantic and NRR jointly hosted a webinar in November, 2022.  The webinar presentations are available below and, along with many other past webinars, are also posted on Net Zero Atlantic’s website here.


Principal Investigator: Borealis GeoPower Inc. 

March – May 2022