Energy Storage Policy and Practices

Energy Storage

To accommodate expanded renewable energy production and accelerated coal plant closures, Nova Scotia’s electricity grid will require additional resources that can store energy and provide reliability.  In this context, a comprehensive understanding of the policy and practices that can be used to enable energy storage development in Nova Scotia is needed.

Power Advisory, in collaboration with Net Zero Atlantic and supported by several subject matter experts from industry and government, carried out a project to 1) analyze the value stack of grid-scale energy storage applications in Nova Scotia, 2) scan energy storage policy and practices in other jurisdictions and determine their applicability in Nova Scotia, 3) review Nova Scotia’s current legislation and regulations affecting energy storage and identify opportunities for improvement, and 4) conduct targeted discussions with key stakeholders to identify barriers and potential solutions to energy storage development in Nova Scotia.  A result of this work, Power Advisory determined a framework to help identify the appropriate grid-scale energy storage policies and practices for Nova Scotia.

Net Zero Atlantic thanks the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables for providing the funding to support this work.


Principal Investigator:  John Dalton, Power Advisory LLC

March 1 – May 31, 2022