Value mapping Nova Scotia’s Offshore Wind Resources

Offshore wind is an untapped resource in Nova Scotia, which, if developed, has the potential to enable energy exports, stimulate rural economies, and contribute towards meeting the province’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Studies have found that Nova Scotia has a promising offshore wind resource base. Research concludes that some offshore regions host a best-in-class wind resource with shallow water depths and appropriate substrates for fixed-bottom turbines. High average wind speeds translate into high capacity factors, which in turn can lead to comparatively low average cost of electricity.

This report analyzes and maps the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of offshore wind turbines in multiple locations in the Nova Scotian offshore and provides an overview of this in slide form. The report takes multiple data layers (e.g., wind speed, bathymetry, distances to port etc.) into account. The outcome can be used as a tool for intuitive screening of market and site attractiveness.


Principal Investigator: Scott Urquhart, Aegir Insights Aps 

March 1 – April 25, 2023