Net Zero Atlantic
October 26th, 2022 | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, NS – The Maritimes Energy Association (MEA) and Net Zero Atlantic (NZA) – two energy-focused non-profit organizations – are today announcing an agreement to transition the provision of member services from MEA to NZA.

“We’re building upon our years of partnership with government and academia as we invite private sector companies, non-government organizations and others to become members,” says Alisdair McLean, Executive Director of Net Zero Atlantic. “Transitioning to a carbon-neutral future requires a team effort by organizations and individuals from across all sectors, and that’s where our members come in. Their insights, perspectives, and experiences shape our research priorities and approach.”

To proactively address ongoing changes taking place in the energy sector and better serve its members, the Maritimes Energy Association is helping to jumpstart Net Zero Atlantic’s membership growth by advising its members to apply to join NZA and offering insights based on 40 years of serving the region’s energy sector.

“Moving forward, we’re recommending membership in Net Zero Atlantic, and we’re pleased to support the expansion of their member base to include private sector companies. We want to ensure our members have the tools they need to successfully navigate the energy transition while taking full advantage of opportunities related to it,” says Jennifer Tuck, MEA’s CEO.

“The Maritimes Energy Association has a long history in the region, and we want to celebrate this legacy,” adds Tuck. “We’re grateful to have retained our members’ confidence for so many years, and we know they will be well-served by Net Zero Atlantic.”

Those joining NZA become part of a united collective of academia, government, private sector, Indigenous Peoples and non-government organizations that are driving the conversation about how to achieve net-zero emissions. Through events, workshops and committees, NZA members have the chance to share ideas and work together. The organization also provides a comprehensive suite of resources and tools, including educational webinars and an informative daily newsletter.

“We intend to foster collaboration among our members to maximize our collective efforts to get to net zero,” says McLean. “The Net Zero Atlantic team will continue to coordinate applied research to identify the best path to a carbon-neutral future, and to advocate for recommended approaches based on objective data.”

MEA held a special member’s meeting today to vote on the proposal to transition its assets to NZA.  The members in attendance voted in favour of the proposal.  The meeting preceded a breakfast presentation on the role MEA has played in the Martimes energy sector over the years by Kimberly Doane, Executive Director, Subsurface Energy Development with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables.

Those interested in applying to join Net Zero Atlantic can learn more here: