Acknowledging your collaboration with us helps show that your work is contributing to our region's energy transition. If you receive funding associated with a Net Zero Atlantic-related initiative, we ask that you acknowledge it in all public communication, including presentations, news releases or social media.

Following is some suggested acknowledgement messaging to guide your approach - please revise the wording as you like:

  • We gratefully acknowledge funding of $xx from Net Zero Atlantic.
  • Thank you to Net Zero Atlantic for supporting the xxx project with $xx in funding.
  • Net Zero Atlantic is among the supporters of the xxx project.

Net Zero Atlantic logo

Download the Net Zero Atlantic logo below.  To download, simply click the link and select 'save image as'. 

Download the Net Zero Atlantic logo here.

Acknowledgement on social media

Please tag us in your posts so we can share them.  Our social media accounts are listed below.

Twitter  - @netzeroatlantic

LinkedIn - Net Zero Atlantic

If you have any questions about acknowledging Net Zero Atlantic, or the logo format you need isn't available here, please contact our Operations Manager, Nalani Perry.