A Model Instructor

Victoria Watson

Thanks to Victoria Watson’s thoughtful instruction and the robust training tools she’s created, learning to use Net Zero Atlantic’s open-source Atlantic Canada Energy System (ACES) model is straightforward and manageable.

As Education & Outreach Coordinator for the ACES model project, Victoria’s work is focused on ensuring a wide range of prospective model users understand how to use the model to explore and better understand future energy system scenarios for the Atlantic region.

“Energy systems are very intricate, and modelling aims to reduce the convolution that comes with such a complex system,” says Victoria, whose perspective is informed by her Bachelor of Science and Master’s in Environmental Studies with a background in ecological vulnerability. “The modelling project will provide Atlantic Canadians with the tools to make informed decisions based on their needs and plan strategically for our region’s transition to a low carbon future.”

In her role, Victoria develops and continuously updates the ACES model training curriculum, creates content to support model training, including detailed instructional videos and written instructions, and carries out both in-person and virtual live training sessions with participants from a variety of organizations. She recognizes that her work is critical to ensuring the model is truly accessible to anyone with an interest in using it, since clear information and instruction opens the door to prospective model users.

“Our work on the ACES model project is both aiming to ease the transition to cleaner energy and mitigate associated emissions, while also making sure that nobody is left behind in this process,” she says.