Geothermal Energy in Your Community: Information Session in New Glasgow

Ad for geothermal energy discussion in Pictou County

Some counties in Nova Scotia have potential for local, sustainable energy production through mid-depth geothermal energy development. To help communities deepen their understanding of the potential, Net Zero Atlantic has partnered with community leads to co-create and deliver information on geothermal energy opportunities, in general and locally, with the aim of creating a roadmap for local energy development.

Join Bridget Taylor, the community lead in Pictou County for Net Zero Atlantic's project to build project development capacity. You will learn the following:

  • Discover the power of geothermal: We will provide insights into self-reliant geothermal infrastructure and its diverse applications.
  • Explore different uses: You will hear of the various ways geothermal energy can be utilized, from heating and cooling to innovative solutions like mine water geothermal systems.
  • Local examples: Get inspired by real-life examples of geothermal ground source buildings in Pictou County and envision the possibilities for our community's future.

This community engagement is free and open to everyone. Interested participants are encourage to bring friends, family, and neighbours for the presentation and discussion. Together, Pictou County residents can explore the potential of geothermal energy and consider a geothermal project development as part of our greener, more resilient future.


This community engagement event is a part of the Community Geothermal Resource: Capacity Assessment and Training Program led by Net Zero Atlantic with financial support from National Resources Canada.