Implications of Tidal Energy Extraction on Sedimentary Processes within Shallow Intertidal Environments

This project assessed the implications of tidal energy extraction on sedimentary processes within shallow inter-tidal ecosystems. The research team used the data to validate a hydrodynamic ocean model (with sediment transport, erosion and deposition) using Delft3-D and a high resolution grid of the Cornwallis estuary at Queen’s University and the Intertidal Coastal Sediment Transport Research Lab (In-CoaST) at Saint Mary’s University. The difference in energy between spring and neap tides is used as a proxy for energy extraction from in-stream tidal devices.


Principal Investigators:  Dr. Danika van Proosdij, Saint Mary’s University; Dr. Ryan Mulligan, Queen’s University

September 1, 2011 – April 1, 2014