The importance of ESG reporting for Nova Scotia’s energy sector supply chain

Demonstrating commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles and reporting has become an integral part of partner selection and investment decision making processes in many industries and jurisdictions. While many large organizations invest in formal ESG programs and reporting, the concepts may still be in the early adoption stage with smaller organizations in the supply chain. Nova Scotian companies are well-positioned to participate in projects that lead to lower GHG emissions, in Canada and abroad. It is therefore essential for industry to understand the importance of ESG in decision making processes as well as common best practices in the energy and other industries. Net Zero Atlantic has therefore facilitated a report that (1) provides an overview of industry based ESG elements and programs and details the importance in decision making processes, (2) describes observed best practices in small and medium sized organizations (including a case study), and (3) proposes a plan to disseminate relevant ESG related information to Nova Scotia’s energy sector supply chain.

This study has been commissioned by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources & Renewables. 


Principal Investigator: Nancy Foran, ESG Partners Inc. 

March 1 – May 31, 2022