Observations of Marine Mammals in Petit Passage and Grand Passage, Nova Scotia and Adjacent Waters in the Eastern Bay of Fundy to Assess Species Composition, Distribution, Number and Seasonality.

This research project implemented a common mobile tool, database, and alert system for recording and acting on marine life sightings, while engaging coastal communities in protection of the marine environment and using crowd-sourcing to collect data for scientific research. The project was undertaken to evaluate baseline presence and behaviours of marine life observed in Grand Passage, Petit Passage and Digby Gut to lay the foundation, in part, for environmental effects monitoring associated with a planned deployment of in-stream tidal energy devices at these sites. While such information complements the existing sightings logged by local whale watchers since 2005, it is especially relevant since sightings of marine mammals observed in the two Passages often go unnoted. The Whale Alert (2.0) and Spotter Pro Apps can be downloaded from iTunes.


Principal Investigators:  Greg Trowse, Fundy Tidal Inc.; with Dr. Moira Brown, Canadian Whale Institute; Brad Whinney , Conserve.iO; Chloe Malinka, Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU)

June 1 – December 1, 2014