Capacity Building for the Sustainable and Inclusive Development of Nova Scotia's Offshore Wind Resource

Working together with our partners, Net Zero Atlantic will build local capacity in rural, Mi'kmaw, and other equity-deserving Nova Scotia communities so they can beneficially participate in any related impact assessments in Nova Scotia's offshore

This project has two parts:

  1. Build relationships with rural, Mi'kmaw, and other equity-deserving Nova Scotia communities to co-create an offshore wind outreach plan
  2. Deliver outreach plan with partners and community leaders to build capacity for offshore wind in Nova Scotia

Funding for this 3-year project (April 2022 - March 2025) is being provided by Natural Resources Canada – Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program - Capacity Building Stream, which aims to enable the future of renewable energy in communities

Further information is available in this news release.


Net Zero Atlantic is the coordinating organization for this project and will carry out related work in collaboration with:

  • Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq (CMM) will lead engagement on mainland Nova Scotia with its eight member communities:
    • Acadia First Nation
    • Annapolis Valley
    • Bear River
    • Glooscap
    • Indian Brook (Sipekne’katik Band)
    • Millbrook
    • Paqtnkek
    • Pictou Landing


Questions and Answers

Why Offshore Wind in Nova Scotia?

  • Offshore wind is an untapped renewable resource in Nova Scotia and Canada
  • Nova Scotia has world-class resources for offshore wind, including:
    • High and consistent windspeeds (higher than those seen in areas where offshore wind has already been developed)
    • Shallow water and appropriate seafloor in some areas off the Nova Scotia coast
    • Ice-free ports, which could act as regional, and potentially international, hubs for offshore wind construction and installation
  • Offshore wind has the potential to enable energy exports, stimulate local economies, and help Nova Scotia reach its emissions reduction targets by replacing coal-based electricity

Why Capacity Building for Offshore Wind?

  • To empower local communities and highlight their voices and perspectives through open dialogue
  • To help communities prepare for a future that may include offshore wind as a key economic driver in rural Nova Scotia
  • Public engagement on offshore wind has already started via Canada’s Regional Assessment of Offshore Wind Development in Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia communities will be impacted by offshore wind development, and will therefore be engaged ahead of and during development processes

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March 1, 2022 – November 29, 2024