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Dr. Alex Hay

If not for the classic 1937 seafaring movie Captains Courageous and inspiration from the sailor and sea captain Angus Walters, Alex Hay might have become an astrophysicist instead of an ocean physicist. “It was a coin toss,” between the two, he says.

Dr. Lukas Swan

Lukas Swan was first introduced to renewable energy and battery electric vehicles while growing up in California. “I became fascinated with energy use, saw a unique role for my skills, and applied them to batteries for grid storage,” he says.

Optimized Combinations of Tidal, Wind and Solar Electricity Generation with Energy Storage to Meet Nova Scotia’s Electrical Demand

Wind, solar and tidal-generated electricity have different — but potentially complimentary — cyclic times, which creates some interesting possibilities. This project looks at how best to meet Nova Scotia’s electricity load requirements through a combination of energy storage, intermittent renewable energy output, thermal and hydro generation.