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Capacity Building for the Sustainable and Inclusive Development of Nova Scotia's Offshore Wind Resource

March 2022 – November 2024

Working together with our partners, Net Zero Atlantic will build local capacity in rural, Mi'kmaw, and other equity-deserving Nova Scotia communities so they can beneficially participate in any related impact assessments in Nova Scotia's offshore

This project has two parts:

Clean Tech » Wind

Creating a Workplan for Offshore Wind Pathways to Market Studies

March – September 2023

Offshore wind electricity has the potential to (1) satisfy domestic electricity demand, (2) be exported to neighbouring jurisdictions, and (3) be used for hydrogen production.  It is important for policymakers, power system operators, electricity regulators and other stakeholders to understa

Clean Tech » Wind

Value mapping Nova Scotia’s Offshore Wind Resources

March – April 2023

Offshore wind is an untapped resource in Nova Scotia, which, if developed, has the potential to enable energy exports, stimulate rural economies, and contribute towards meeting the province’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Clean Tech » Wind

Access to US Markets (Offshore Wind)

September – November 2021

Nova Scotia’s offshore wind resource has the potential to meet the growing clean energy needs of the Northeastern US.

Tidal Energy » Infrastructure and Best Practices

Review of Nova Scotia Power Transmission System Interconnection Requirements

April – May 2021

Power Advisory was engaged by OERA on behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Energy & Mines to review the recently released Nova Scotia Power Transmission System Interconnection Requirements (TSIR) and identify any gaps between recommendations made by Power Advisory in their August 2020 repo

Clean Tech » Wind

Assessing the Economic Impacts of Developing the Port of Sheet Harbour Into an Offshore Wind Hub

February – March 2021

Currently, multiple OSW projects off the Northeast US are under development. The OSW capacity in the US is forecast to grow significantly in the next decade with approximately 11 GW already contracted to be installed over the next years.

Clean Tech » Wind

Stimulating Offshore Wind Development in Nova Scotia

January – March 2021

To attract offshore wind investment to Nova Scotia, it is important to understand the development in other jurisdictions. If Nova Scotia developed offshore wind in its coastal waters, it would compete for investment against these jurisdictions.

Hydrogen » Feasibility Studies

Net-Zero Future: A Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Production, Storage, Distribution and Use in The Maritimes - NL Extension

January – March 2021

This study investigated what role hydrogen can play in Newfoundland and Labrador’s future energy system.

Clean Tech » Wind

Offshore Wind Stakeholder Engagement Plan for Nova Scotia

September – November 2020

Early stakeholder engagement is an important step in the development of an offshore wind industry in Atlantic Canada. This report reviews and summarizes best practices and lessons learned from offshore wind stakeholder engagement in the US Northeast market.

Hydrogen » Feasibility Studies

Net-Zero Future: A Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Production, Storage, Distribution and Use in The Maritimes

July – October 2020

This study explores hydrogen’s potential contribution to the Maritimes’ sustainable development goals. It also provides a technical and economic assessment of the role that hydrogen could play in the Maritimes’ energy transition.